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21 Rare Photos That Will Blow Your Mind

#21. Leaving For War

Joseph Niepce has long been credited with the creation of the camera, but in history, little emphasis has been given to the influential role the device has had. After all, the best photography has captured life’s frailties as well as its excellence in ways no other medium could. And whether that be war, famine, or the glamour of Hollywood, history, as we know it today, is largely based on photographic documents.

With that in mind, we at Life-hack Lane thought we’d delve back in time and go through twenty-one rare photos you’ve likely never seen before.


The first phase of the Vietnam war took place between the years 1959-1963- just 14 years after WW II. And as this poignant yet heartbreaking photo from 1963 showed, the sacrifices made by these soldiers extended to not just their country, but also their loved ones.



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