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20 Powerful Images That Will Make You Cry

Life isn’t always fun and games. Sometimes, in the famous words of the philosopher Thomas Hobbes, life can be ‘nasty, brutish and short.’ And judging by these extraordinary photos, Hobbes may have had a point. You may cry- perhaps you’ll even be shocked and appalled- but more than anything, we hope you’ll finish reading this article with a newfound realization that every second is worth living.

#20. A German Soldier Returns Home


In 1946, a German prisoner of war returned to his home city of Frankfurt. Years of battle was behind him, not to mention being held captive by the enemy. Yet, as this picture from the photographer Tony Vaccaro shows, years of war and confinement would pale in comparison to the pain he felt when discovering that his wife and children, people who had no doubt given him hope of a brighter tomorrow, all perished.

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